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Michelle Phillips, Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Self-Confidence Coach,
National TV Personality and Best Selling Author.


Throughout Michelle’s career as a top celebrity make-up artist, her job was to create the illusion of perfection for the camera.  Like so many other women, she automatically strived for that same perfection in her personal life.

After two decades in the business, she became disillusioned with the pressures our media-driven society put on women.  She realized the obsession with perfection meant that women were never allowed to feel good enough. Youth was prized over wisdom. Looks mattered more than character. And having the perfect life was more important than enjoying it.

Now, in her work with women across the globe as a self-confidence coach, best selling author and speaker, she has determined a root cause of this wound. Women are being encouraged to prop up a façade rather than make choices that support their true values and spirit.

Michelle has created a unique and proven process that’s radically transformed thousands of lives. Her clients, readers and workshop attendees worldwide have gone from couch potatoes to marathoners, broken relationships to fulfilling partnerships, and have begun achieving greater success in all aspects of their lives…and all on their terms.

By empowering you to live confidently and radiate that confidence, Michelle’s process creates a life and a look that is ageless and unique to every single woman.

Michelle Phillips is a sought-after celebrity make-up artist, acclaimed life coach and motivational speaker who has touched the lives of countless women of all ages through her revolutionary inside-out approach to beauty and transformation. She is the bestselling author of The Beauty Blueprint (Hay House 2011) and has been a featured guest on major TV shows and networks, including Oxygen, We-TV, HGTV, TLC, CW, KCAL-LA. She regularly speaks at major events and conferences across the country, including the Power of Women Tour and I Can Do It! She has also been heard on Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius/XM, Hay House Radio and radio shows across the globe.

Best Selling Author

“The Beauty Blueprint-8 Steps to Buildig the Life and Look Of Your Dream”

by Michelle Phillips

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Michelle’s best-selling book topped lists in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia, for over 30 weeks in both paperback and Kindle.

Hay House, 2011

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